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Stevie Fast” Jackson will be making his competition debut NHRA Gainesville Raceway

Stevie Fast debut NHRA testing at 2017 Gainesville Raceway
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months you well know that this weekend at the 2017 NHRA Gatornationals, “Stevie Fast” Jackson will be making his competition debut in the J&A Service Pro Mod category. Through a career that has spanned grudge, outlaw pro mod, and domination of radial tire racing on a global scale, this will be his first foray into the NHRA ranks and there are going to be a lot of eyes on him and he and his team take a new car into the shark infested waters of this category.
Last week Jackson did an interview with the NHRA’s Lewis Bloom and we thought it was flipping spectacular. This is a guy who will be a longterm and positive impact on the NHRA landscape. Why? For starters the guy always looks like he is having fun. Secondly his jaw can set low elapsed time of any race he is at and thirdly he wins. Lots of people can talk but can’t win. Lots of people can win and not talk. Jackson is the guy who throws down like an old school drag racer and completely understands the mental aspect of the game as well. He’ll hurt some feelings this year.
Watch the interview below and tell us your impressions of it. We think that there’s no possible better way for NHRA drag racing fans to “meet” this guy ad we’re pretty sure he’ll be among the most popular additions to the program at Gainesville.
He tempers expectations in this video but we know for a fact people are expecting big things from this team pretty quickly off the bat! Stevie Fast, welcome to the NHRA!

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