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Al Sulaiti wins the first race in another thrilling battle with Al Naimi

  • Highlights
  • Saturday 8th April 2017 Qatar Superstock 600 Round 4 Race 1 & 2
  • Nasser Al Malki takes the victory in the second race as Al Sulaiti and Al Naimi crash in the last lap.
As it was expected from what we have seen in the previous rounds, another thrilling battle was looming between the two Qatari riders Mashel Al Nami and Saeed Al Sulaiti.
In the first race of the round, Mishal who got the pole position, lead the race during the first two laps as Saeed overtook him. He tried to create a gap but Mishal was fast enough to be close to him and didn’t let him go. In the middle of the race, Mishal made a move and passed Saeed, but unfortunately for Mishal, he had a problem with his brake pads and couldn’t keep the rhythm, so Saeed took advantage of that and passed him, winning the race by 6.045.
Qatar Superstock 600 Round 4 Race 1 & 2 Winners Circle
Mashel Al Naimi didn't classified as he didn't cross the checkered flag, so no points for him in the second race
The third position was for Nasser Al Malki who still needs to find out the good setting for this bike
‘In the first race I didn’t do a good start and after five laps it was difficult for me to ride the bike, it was very hard to manage it. I think the setup is not good enough to keep my riding style in this bike, I need to fix my riding style from 1000cc to 600cc and I to start dropping my lap timing little and hopefully I can have good results for next round’ said Al Malki after race 1.
Abdullah Al Qubaisi finished fourth and Fahad Al Sowaidi in fifth position.

The second race had a dramatic ending with the crash of Mishal and Saeed during the last lap of the race. As in the first race, Mishal took again the lead for the first laps but Saeed overtook him and managed to stay in front only until the last lap when both crashed. In the last lap, Mishal gained again the first position and took the lead but in the turn twelve of the track, Saeed entered a bit fast, breaking too late, losing the front and crashing. Unfortunately, in the crash, Saeed’s bike touched Mishal who was so close and also felt down. Saeed managed to rejoin the race finishing in sixth position but Mishal’s bike was so damage that couldn’t continue.
With this scenario, the win of the race was for Nasser Al Malki
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