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Bugatti Chiron spotted in Qatar (leaked photos)

Described as the world's most powerful,fastest,luxurious and exclusive super sport production car,Bugatti Chiron is not your ordinary car spotted on these streets. Unless that street is a place near Katara in a royal court yard.
This beasts embodies the Bugatti brand and DNA with a lot of significance achieved at every angle of its production. There could be only two of these cars in the entire Qatar...and thats insanley impossible considering that nearly anything luxuriously built is built for the rich Middl East pearly Doha.

  • Who owns this Bugatti Chiron in Qatar?

At least one of them now we know is owned by who. A very private person with love for drag racing and super cars in the middle east.  This is first images of the car that is nearly a week old in Qatar.  And we sure can't wait to set our eyes on it

  • What's under the hood

A W16 engine 16 cylinder with 4 turbo chargers producing a 1500hp at unbelievable acceleration of 400km/h. Definitely the fastest car in the world. This monster will accelerate from 0 to 100  meter in a blink.
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