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Gallery of Speed at the National Street Drag Championship

This is not the first time i have visited the National Street Racing event in Qatar,however,it is the first time i have been on the track as a full time photographer for the two day event.Usually my day job at Qatar Racing Club is intertwined between video coverage for the whole race day,but usually i try to take my cameras out for a two or three shots in between track preps. Here are the events photos. Download but credit the photographer - Kings Edwin

Ali Kafoud Corvette burnout at NSD R2 - Photos by Kings Edwin
So when i got called to cover up for a day or two,you can imagine the excitement. We are back at the East industrial area of Qatar. The calm has returned after the loud door slammers event ADRL ended. Its the very first days of winter. Track is warm and those V8s have stacked a lot of ice in the coolers that sprays behind as they lift off to the 1/4 mile. Not a usual scene. But this means we will be on for a long day here at QRC today.

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