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Lizzy Musi - 3.63s New Pro Nitrous World Record Vs Melanie Salemi

Lizzy Musi Vs Melanie Salemi
Lizzy Musi Vs Melanie Salemi 
Match Race Hosted by MDIR at Door Wars between Lizzy Musi and Melanie Salemi was a screamer when Lizzy steered the Al Anabi sponsored Frank Brandao owned Dodge Dart to unbelievable 3.63@205 to the 1/8th mile to stamp a new Pro Nitrous quickest elapsed time at Maryland International Raceway.
The Dodge Dart Just came from paint shop, no time to decal and went straight into the record books going 60' in .921s. The Dodge Dart should be able to stroll into the 50s soon when the Arabian Drag Racing League kicks off in Qatar. We will be waiting for it from this side of the world
I Just went 3.631 205.8 at weight 2410 Got this win for the Bird boyz - Lizzy Musi took to the social media after the record run.
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