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EcuTek Dealers in Middle East.

Founded in 2002, the EcuTec whose entire vision was to develop class leading calibration & diagnostics software for OEM engine management systems,finally found its route to the Middle East's huge markets that has over the passed been flooded by Motec ECU and Syvecs Systems.
Early this month Qatar biggest aftermarket automotive shop - Al Anabi Performance - rolled down over 7 Nissan GT-R models fully fitted with EcuTek in its state of the art race circuit Qatar Racing Club.
Weeks after the Dubai based F-Performance also has rolled a number of the devices on there customers cars in Dubai.The f-performance have been in the fore front of aftermarket engineering with their in-house build that swapped a GTR into a Nissan Patrol. The Nissan patrol now sits at the fastest SUV in the world over half mile distance

Al Anabi installs EcuTek in GTR
Al Anabi installs EcuTek in GTR - Photo by Kings Edwin
The F-Performance and Al Anabi Performance are in the fore front of tuning and car modification,fabrication and engineering powerhouses in the Middle East. Recognized by Motec and now EcuTek as exclusive distributors of the EcuKek Electronics.
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