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Qatar Drift Championship - New Season Event Information!

Qatar Drift Championship for the season 2017-2018 is back! Nothing changes in the format of the racing that takes place in three parts/categories;the Pro Class(heavily modified V8s and the 2JZ guys),Semi Pro and Amateur (intro level for beginners).
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BMW M2 Drift Car
MK Racing with the BMW M2 at Qatar Drift 
Unlike the last season championship Qatar Racing Club,the organizers of the championship,projects to having over 5 rounds this season!
First Round takes place this 16th - 17th Nov 2017! Highly anticipated round of the drift championships. 2nd  round scheduled nearly a month after on the 8th Dec,3rd round pushed to 2nd Feb giving a window period for the Arabian Drag Racing Championships that takes place in December. 4th Round is to be held in 2nd March and the final round after which the season champion is crowned scheduled for 20th April 2017.
Oman Drift Car in  Qatar
From Oman to Qatar Drift
This schedule and calendar is not cast on stones and can be changed according to weather changes! Qatar Racing Club is expecting a higher turnout on its events this season in Qatar.
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