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Red Bull Car Park Drift - 2017 Qatar Qualifier

The highly anticipated Red Bull Car Park Drift 2017 - Qatar Qualifiers is scheduled to go down in Qatar's Corniche Dallah Parking right in the middle of the sky lit sky crappers this 9-10 November 2017 with the last  event attracting a record number 6000 spectators to witness history reborn. The Event is Free and Opened to public will be held under supervision of Lebanese drifting legend, Abdo Feghali. This year's King Of Drift-Qatar will represent Qatar at the 2017 Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Finale in Kuwait on 8th December 2017.
Red Bull Car Park Drift 2015
Red Bull Car Park Drift 2015 - Photo Credit Red Bull Qatar
Back in 2015 a record number 6000 spectators witnessed 10 drifters tore each other skills that saw MK Racing Mohamad Al Khaiat crowned King Of Drift - Qatar in Losail Int'l Circuit. In 2017, Qatar's home boy Khaiat is one of the skilled drivers to watch for at the tournament. Now steering the HGK skillfully modified to the formula one drift specification sitting at slightly above 800HP,the MK Racing BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter will be a hard nut to crack for many drift drivers this weekend at the highly anticipated edition in Doha basing our ideas from what we have witnessed at a private practice in Qatar Racing Club by Mohamad Al Khaiat.
  • Grand Finale History
In 2016 Haitham Al Hadidi was crowned King Of Drift in his home-turf Oman in a merciless beastly Nissan Silvia though this time 2017 Rafaat Al Yahyai has been crowned King Of Drift Oman amidst 5000 cheering fans and qualified for the Kuwait Grand Finale. In 2014 and 2015 saw crowning of Ahmad Daham from Jordan also in a Nissan Silvia as King Of Drift. Daham is the only gulf driver to have lifted the crown in the Gulf!
  • History of Red Bull Car Park Drift
Lebanon hosted the first ever Red Bull Car Park Drift event in 2008 at the City Mall car park making it possible for all underground drifters to put their skills to test, and placed the spotlight on rally champion Abdo Feghali, making him a drifting legend. The first-ever crowned King of Drift was Michel Feghali.

The Red Bull Car Park Drift event in 2009 showed that the discipline would quickly grow strong. Garo Haroutiounian became the second winner of Red Bull Car Park Drift after an extremely fuelled competition. From then on, drifting grew infectious. 2010 marked the first-ever regional competition series with 15 qualifiers in 10 countries with the final event held at Forum de Beirut dubbing Lebanese national Firas Khaddaj the first regional King of Drift. In 2011 Red Bull Car Park Drift evolved to establish itself as the core developer of drifting in the Middle East and North Africa with 19 qualifiers and 11 participating countries. The number of drift-thirsty fans grew by a five-fold. The Regional Final held at Forum de Beyrouth made KSA national, Said el Mouri, its victor.

Fast forward to the 2016 Regional Finals. Our region’s best drifters went full throttle in Oman. Three Omanis topped the podium. And at only 18 years of age, first time competitor Haitham al Hadidi took home first place after a stellar performance.

Red Bull Car Park Drift is set to grow even greater with this year’s finals. Stay tuned to find out who will be crowned the 2017 King of Drift!
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