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The Ultimate Track Day - Qatar Racing Club!

I have witnessed Qatar Drift Championship/Series from its infancy stage(2013), and what still impresses me is the level at which they roll! Simply put,'you wouldn’t expect it to be!' In a couple of years, these guys are going to be among the very best in the world.

Walk into Qatar Racing Club drift night or salon drift open track day and unexplored car culture hits you with a 'hi'! A joint for genuine car enthusiast willing to open up their hoods and show you what they are packing! A meet for any car blogger like me to take his lenses for a hunt.And a place for desirous fanatics to get treat inside a drifting car on a 'lucky' day! Talk of dreams for a first timer. 
Liberty Walk Bmw Qatar
A track day would never be this brutal
Far off the other stand, a group of agitated onlookers,who are either attracted here by that brutal and high-revving loud Camaro by Jaidah Automotive or the hankering smoke maker BMW M2 F22 eurofighter significantly modified by the HGK Motorsports for MK Racing.The line up at this meet is incredible! 

Everybody here on a track day will do a thing or two to make your day!
Mk Racing BMW M2 F22 Eurofigter

Whilst pro salon drifting is only in its 5th year or less in Qatar(perfect guess), the builds here are quite impressive.Walk in their paddock area (which is open to spectators by the way)you will easily spot not one or two car builds packing huge power to treat your eyes to. At its infancy stage,you would expect the cars drifting here to be 'norm'. In all my wildest expectation,a track day would never be this brutal. 
Salem Camaro is a brutal jaw cracker

Waled Salem Camaro is a brutal jaw cracker for luck of a better term. The Mk Racing BMW M2 an all purpose destroyer with over 800hp under the kevlar skin. Al Jaouni Racing's BMW with a protruding fire spitting turbo head is a sure treat.Yet still Mohammed Al Qutami's BMW E30 built at NMK Performance with approximately 1000hp  under its hood is making a first lap here. Popcorn time! For a track day,these cars, among other craziest builds you will spot and even get  ride on, will leave your thirst quenched! 
Mohammed Al Qutami's BMW E30
Mohammed Al Qutami's BMW E30 M3 

With smooth skid pad well maintained by the staff at QRC and an overlooking world's flattest and smoothest 1/8th mile drag strip just to the sides,drivers say they love it here.At the skid pad,the clipping points are placed/designed in such away that it's never too fast nor too slow for the drivers. In the entire Middle East, i have  never witnessed great tandem drift battles like the ones here at Qatar Racing Club! Thanks to the track.Place your bets!

For a first timer, i always wondered,'how did i get here!


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