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Al Anabi 2100hp Nissan GT-R reaches 215mph at Qatar Mile

Mahana Al Naemi drove Al Anabi Performance 2100hp GTR to a 346.15km/h make that 215mph at (half mile) at Qatar Mile Round 1 Al Khor Airstrip shortly after destroying the SUV Stock half mile standing record in Al Anabi built Nissan Patrol reaching a 261km/h in half mile.
I am happy the GTR is coming back to life after a bad season last year. This is reassuring and the team would definitely be looking to what else we could do with the new set up to go even faster- Al Anabi Racing Ford - AAP staff

Al Anabi 2100hp Nissan GT-R
Al Anabi 2100hp Nissan GT-R - Kings Edwin Photo
Al Anabi GTR has run a couple of consistent runs oscillating withing 357km/h and  327km/h the consistency of this car in the coming days will leave you with a tinge of hope that the Qatar team better their record. Qatar Mile is the biggest speed festival in the Arab region,and Al Anabi dominance this round puts them as leader in after market automotive leader in the region.

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