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Ali Makhseed : My father remains,to this day,my mechanic,coach and team manager!

I was born in a family with passion for cars and Motorsports.My father has a history in Kuwait Motorsport and remains a car enthusiast. He and my mother are my biggest supporters and my father remains,my mechanic,coach and team manager - Ali Makhseed 
Red Bull Car Park Drift Series- Finals is happening this weekend in Kuwait for the first time. Pulling 13 qualifiers pro drift drivers from across the Middle East,North Africa and Mauritius. Kuwait has three drivers in the finals enjoying the benefit as a host country with 1 from Mauritius!
 Ali Makhseed
Ali Makhseed Photo © NAIM CHIDIA
Ahead of the biggest drift event to go down in the Gulf,Ali Amkhseed has changed wrap on his legendary Toyota GT86 and we all cant wait to have it unveiled at the event this Saturday! One thing we sure he has a MOTUL sponsorship on board his beast!Ali Makhseed only at 22, has been drifting for 6 years.
Ali Makhseed New Wrap for Kuwait Finals 
It's an honor to be able to represent my country at the 2017 Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals in Kuwait this weekend! But first priority is to make everyone enjoy the show! Then win this thing! And I will do everything in my power to do both! Be there - Ali Makhseed
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