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All-electric Supercar - Rimac,just won a battle against Aventador S and a Honda NSX in The Grand Tour season 2 Opener!

An all-electric Croatian supercar called the Rimac Concept One battles it out in epic drag race against the past(Aventador S - a 100% petrol powered car driven by Jeremy Clarkson),present (Honda NSX - hybrid car driven by James May) and the future (Rimac - an all electric powered supercar driven by Richard Hammond himself, in the first episode of The Grand Tour Season 2!

With that 1200hp comes an insane acceleration from the Rimac as soon as the lights drop green then continues to pick up from 0-1OOft in a whisk! Then Pause! Skip to the end  and for the reaction of Jeremy Clarkson in Lamborghini Aventador S as Richard Hammond quite literary 'fizzles into the future' slightly over 232MPH in what appears to be a half-prepped abandoned run way!His reaction is overly priceless! This will definitely be stamped into The Grand Tour all time favorite quotes!
If that is the future, I am so ready - Richard Hammond in a Rimac Concept One Electric Car as he speeds off trailing the Lamborghini Aventador S and the Honda NSX hybrid car respectively!
That Rimac just f***s off - Jeremy Clarkson while not so pleased with Rimac winning the epic race admitting he has never seen anything moving as quickly as that!
I was surprised the NSX held with the Aventador as long as it did. I expected the electrics to get it off the line quicker but I thought the extra power of the Lamborghini would make a difference sooner. NSX grew on me a little after watching the first episode. It has a pretty nice interior and looks decent on the outside. I still wish they would make a more traditional non hybrid version.

Richard Hammond quite literary 'fizzles into the future' Rimac all electric car
The Rimac grand entry into the future(all electric) would have been good business for the Croat electric car builder had it not ended in flames at the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland that nearly ended Richard Hammond's life. Reports are, they will be announcing new car at Geneva motor show in March 2018, and it will be crazier than Concept One, can't wait to see that!
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