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Fink takes win on home soil at the final exhibition match of the 2017 calendar in Australia!

King of Nations - Australia Exhibition

Fink lands the winning trophy on home soil at the final exhibition match of the 2017 calendar in Australia.

Luke Fink secures the winning trophy at the final exhibition match of the 2017 Federal Tyres King of Nations season on home soil in Queensland, Australia!
After taking second place overall at the King of Nations 2017 series final round in Greece just a few weeks ago, Fink made absolutely no mistake with ending the season on a high after throwing down some stunning runs in the unique ‘big entry’ competition.
Fink, explaining the style required to achieve the highest score said,
“It’s an entry comp so we’re attacking the corner to beyond what should be possible. It’s about attacking super hard and using a lot of foot brake to over-rotate the car.”
After several hours of practice and tandems to get used to the track, the afternoon would introduce an entirely new format. For the first time in the King of Nations series, it was decided to venture away from the traditional battles to end the season with an exciting show for the crowd as drivers laid down their most impressive fast-paced, aggressive entries against the solid concrete wall.
After overcoming mechanical issues throughout the day, Jake Thornbury would push his Nissan PS13 to the limits as he eventually managed to secure the second place spot, handing him the opportunity to compete in the 2018 Federal Tyres King of Nations series in Greinbach, Austria in a V8 powered BMW E36.
“I’m really stoked to be able to go there and take that step forward. I’m really nervous as I’ve never been overseas and I’ve never driven a left-hand drive car but I’m really excited to be able to take the opportunity to compete in Europe - A delighted Jake said.”
After spending the day analysing the skills that the drivers had been laying down, event judge.
Mitchell Sanders said “The four top drivers right from the start of the day were above the rest. Their positions moved around quite a bit as the day went on. We were always watching their runs and as they started to get more comfortable with the track they were upping their game and getting bigger and bigger into the corner.”
Todd Dalgliesh showed great skill as he laid down consistently aggressive runs to secure himself the third spot on the day as Grant Grinter followed closely behind in fourth.
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2017 Federal Tyres King of Nations Exhibition Match Australia

With the final event of what has been an incredible 2017 calendar now concluded, it’s time for a short break in the fixtures as we prepare for what will undoubtedly be an exciting start to the 2018 season as we prepare for our return to the Middle East and our first ever visit to Kuwait!

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