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Watch Grand Tour Season 2 on Apple TV!

Whether you are fan of watching cars or fan of watching idiots drive around in cars in the Middle East,then you probably have read or heard about Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond mighty return to the the Grand Tour Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video Car Show,visiting 14 different countries in 64 different cars!

But since you are in the Middle East and either beINSports have no right to air the show for you,you probably wonder by now,'how do i watch it here in the gulf?' Well there is no other way to go about it unless you subscribe to the channel or use the video app on Apple TV, that was launched just in time for season premier on 8th Dec 2017!The prime video app is now available on all Apple TV accessible to over 100 countries with the availability of Apple TV 4K having exceptional 4K viewing experience.
There is nothing that excites us more than delighting our customers, and we are thrilled for them to stream Prime Video on Apple TV - Mark Earner, the VP of Prime Video.
The Grand Tour has pivoted Amazon from online department store to global entertainment giant in the past hours since Season 2 returned!
Apple owners could previously watch the show using AirPlay, but having the app natively on your Apple TV makes life so much easier- Mark Earner, the VP of Prime Video
Grand Tour Crew in Switzerland - Photo Ellis O'Brien
Grand Tour Crew in Switzerland - Photo Ellis O'Brien
  • Why Is Grand Tour Very Popular in Middle East
The Grand Tour Season 1 was a hit over here in the Middle East where to-date,the show continues to get its massive following and attraction thanks to the final episode of Grand Tour Season 1 of a Porsche 918 getting a beating from low key looking Nissan patrol in Dubai!

For a heads up,the VR 38 Patrol that upset Richard Hammond has a 'double agent' a stage 5 tuned prototype that is the current standing half mile SUV in the world with a 335km/h over half mile. The record was set during a Qatar Mile event in a partly abandoned air strip in Qatar.

  • The Spectacle Of Grand Tour Season 2 
This year, the spectacle of the unfortunate crash of Richard Hammond in a very quick all-electric car called a Rimac in Switzerland, was cut to the first episode to provide the opener of season with much drama it needed. His crash was a viral hit that everyone quickly subscribed to the online video entertainment channel to get a glimpse.Amazon is the sole distributor of the content. Here is how to Subscribe!
Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon. It offers television shows and films for rent or purchase and Prime Video, a selection of Amazon Studios original content and licences acquisitions included in the Amazon's Prime subscription. In the United States, access to Prime Video is also available through a video-only membership, which does not require a full Prime subscription.

In countries like France and Italy, Rent or Buy and Prime Video are not available on the Amazon website and Prime Video content is only accessible through a dedicated website. In countries like the United States and the UK, Amazon Video additionally offers Amazon Channels, which allows viewers to subscribe to other network's original content, including HBO in the United States.
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