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Insane drifting engulf the Gulf these next weekends!

Drifting has become a cultural phenomenal in the middle east now. It is one of few Motorsports that is able to bring young millennial audiences to come to live events and be part of the large drifting culture.

Organizers and sponsors are giving this region (the Gulf) a taste of their passion as we now estimate there are over 200,000 drifting fans around the Gulf; a million or more in the world!

With the hugely growing enthusiasm,car builds and fan base;the obnoxious urge to have many championships around the gulf arises. This weekend being one of those that the entire middle east countries been bracing for. In a rather oddly yet exciting way,nearly all the countries here in the gulf will be having a drift night action.

Insane drifting engulf the Gulf
Insane drifting engulf the Gulf
  • Red Bull Car Park Drift - Kuwait Finals (8th Dec 2017)
Red Bull Car Park Drift heads over to Kuwait for a final melt down. Being one the biggest drift series with over 10000 fans per sitting depending on the hosting city,its the hugest event this weekend on the 8th Dec 2017 at Sirrb in Kuwait. Over 13 pro drivers of which 3 are from Kuwait(hosting country) from different countries in the middle east,North Africa and Mauritius will be at the Sirrb circuit.

  • Liwa Festival - December 30th (Emirates Drift Championship)
The U.A.E. has constantly produced drivers that can compete at the very highest level worldwide, but have lacked a consistent professional national championship that promotes their talent to a global audience. The Monster Energy Emirates Drift Championship combines an extremely experienced organisational team with the most insane machinery and drivers from the region. 

With Monster Energy positively supporting these national superstars, we are confident the championship will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the world. The unique environment of the U.A.E. is mirrored only by the depth of characters that will take to the grid, ensuring one of the most unpredictable and exciting competitions drift fans have ever witnessed.
  • When is it happening?
  • Round 1 - Liwa Festival - December 30th
  • Round 2 - Ras al-Khaimah - January 19th
  • Round 3 - Dubai - February TBC

  • Salon Drift Open Track Day - Qatar (9th Dec 2017)
Qatar Drift Championship is arguably the biggest drift series and traditionally the fastest skid pad for drivers. The skid pad gives drivers opportunity to a not too fast and not to slow layout with sharp clipping points to skid on. Drivers like it in Qatar. Managed by Qatar Racing Club,the skid is unique one of a kind in the Gulf with the ability to change the layout championship after championship giving drivers new challenge and experience.
HGK BMW M2 Drift in Qata
HGK BMW M2 Drift in Qatar
With not so much happening at the place now,Qatar Racing Club opens its gates for the fan favorite Open Track Day. Drivers will have opportunity to drift here for free. Though not a competition,it gives drift teams a rare opportunity to test and tune their cars for championships. 
Qatar home grown drift drivers like Red Bull Car Park Finalist, Al Fakhroo,representing Qatar in the Kuwait finals are some of the drift drivers you will meet at the facility.

MK Racing Team with their brutal and bulky HGK built BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter is another of the the common spots here. With one of the craziest busy paddock area,fans have free access to the drivers and the builds stationed at this place.

  • Oman Car Park Drift - Round 3
One of the most popular activities in the entire Oman Motorsport world. Drivers get a chance to come and flash their ability in drifting their cars and successfully maneuver around all sharp corners. OAA organized national and international championships in the multi-purpose arena. These events are very successful in attracting more people to participate as drivers and huge crowds as spectators.
Oman Car Park Drift
Oman Car Park Drift
Round 3 of the event is happening on the 15th Dec 2017. Careful to note that the Oman Drift Series has brought some households names (Haitham Al Hadidi,Rafaat Al Yahyai et al) in the Motorsports in the Gulf. The event's success sure shapes the future of drifting and Motorsports in the entire region.

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