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King of Europe and King of Nations release 2018 Rule Amendments

King of Europe and King of Nations release the full rule-book stating the requirements and regulations for all competitors during the upcoming 2018 season. These rules shall be in place for all competitions.

Some major updates to the rules include the following:
  • Pro/Pro2 series tyre type and size requirements
  • Refuelling zone
  • Front head restraint system
  • Seat/harness requirements
  • GoPro (and similar) cameras on helmet
  • Qualification session rules

You can find all of the updated rules and regulations including a downloadable PDF on the following link:http://www.kingofnations.net/rules

We have  announced these changes as early as possible to allow drivers to update their cars over the end-of-season period and we look forward to having a safer and more exciting year than ever in 2018 -  info@kingofeurope.net via gmail.mcsv.net
King of Europe and King of Nations release  2018 Rule Amendments

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