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Meet Shehzad Soorabally,only at 21 and eyeing a first international championship in Kuwait!

Right away when Shehzad Soorabally made his 3rd entry in the red bull car park drift in Mauritius edition in a BMW E30,we knew there would be a new champion there. 

Three years later we meet the 21 year old Mauritian drift driver now taking the battle to Kuwait and Middle East natives at the RCPD Finals in Sirrb in Nissan Silvia SS13 SR20DET! Dream came true!

I was 17 when the first RBCPD came to Mauritius, my dad encouraged me to participate in the next one . He told me that he would prepare a car for me that would allow me to compete. He gave me a golden opportunity to achieve my dream of being a drifter - Shehzad Soorabally 21 year old Mauritian RCPD Champion!

Shehzad Soorabally - 2017 Mautius RCPD Champion
Shehzad Soorabally - 2017 Mauritius RCPD Champion
Shehzad Soorabally is the youngest competitor in the championship that has drawn 13 participants across the Middle East,North Africa and him representing Mauritius. Mauritius is the latest country to have been admitted in the select club of the Red Bull Car Park Drift Series. Since the first national event in 2014, the Red Bull-driven event has attracted crowds of thousands each year. And they witnessed each time the victory of gifted driver Emmanuel d'Hotman. 

But can the young diver,put a mark at the Red Bull Car Park Drift Series in Kuwait city of Sirrb?
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