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[VIDEO] NMK Performance full-build 1000HP BMW E30 comes to life in Qatar Racing Club!

During the Salon Drift Open Track Day by Qatar Racing Club last weekend, I threw myself blindly straight into the deep end by interacting with the NMK Performance's finished project -  1000HP BMW E30 M3 for Qatar pro drifter Mohammed Al Qatami.

The same car went viral sometimes back in NMK Performance dyno video tuned by Ahmad Daham. As any other drift enthusiast in the Gulf,i acquitted myself with this beast while at its project face and followed thereafter keenly its tedious journey to rebirth. Nearing the end of 2017,when drifting season kicks off here in Qatar,i heard of a mischievous BMW E30 making huge power from Jordan.It definitely became my to-do-list knowing somehow one day it will find its way to Qatar Racing Club's skid pad. So i waited!

That thing moved its wide body around me in circles,i felt its fire-breathing power engulf around me. For a moment,i felt like the air around was being sucked into a volt.It blew popcorn musical sounds through its two big exhausts at the rear end placed just below its rear cooling system.Then it sped off to initiate another heart-throbbing side-way clip on the Qatar Racing Club skid pad.Oh heavens!I have never felt so heavenly!

Qatami's BMW E30 has a 2JZ stroker engine swapped into it pushing a documented 1000hp with some awesome Anti Lag Link ECU having fun in it.They threw a number of upgrades to it:
  • winters differential,
  • roll cage from custom cage,
  • custom subframe with rear wisefab,
  • radium fuel system,
  • light weight custom body kit,
After all was done and dusted,the car weighed 1100 and after few laps of tests and tune with NMK Performance in Jordan,they shipped it to Qatar to its owner Mohammed Al Qatami. I was in a bit of sensory overload when i first saw this car on NMK performance Facebook page and other online photos, so  believe me i got a little bit of sugar rush imagining i was going to run into this car at the track day event.Believe me it’s utterly understandable if watching this leaves you in a bit of shock and awe, i was too.
A brief interaction would be a lie to admit. But i left promising myself to catch up with this 1000hp BMW E30 M3 for another rendezvous since a one hug-meet would never be enough on this.That's why you need to subscribe to this blog before you close the tabs.

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  • Who are NMK Performance?
Established in 2011.They are Jordan's First Dyno Center and performance center , powered by the Awesome Mustang AWD 1100SE Chassis Dynamometer. Sport Compacts, Drag Cars, Diesel Trucks & Motorcycles - truly amazing for only one machine. With a capacity of 3500HP at the wheels, the AWD-1100 is large enough to handle 99.9% of the street cars on the road today.
Equipped with a complete data acquisition system that allows for a wide range of tests & provides on-screen & printed results. The AWD-1100SE is a sophisticated Eddy Current Dynamometer - allowing for steady fuel injection calibration, Road-load simulation, 1/4 Mile passes, 1/8 Mile passes and more. In 2WD drive up to 360KM/H & in AWD up to 280KM/H!

NMK Performance full-build 1000HP BMW E30
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