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Rimac to launch new electric hyper car at Geneva Motor Show - 2018

''The future wasn't far off after all,'' tell that to Richard Hammond as he speeds off an epic battle of drag race with the present  and the past.The all-electric Croatian 1200hp Supercar - Rimac Concept One,reached an easy 232MPH in a blink, outrunning the past - Lamborghini Aventador S and the present -Honda NSX in the opening of The Grand Tour Season 2!

That Rimac just f***s off - Jeremy Clarkson did not sound so pleased with Rimac winning the epic straight line drag race,admitting he has never seen anything moving as quickly as that!
Rimac Concept One
Rimac Concept One 

What did he expect though? That thing accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.5s and has a tested top speed of 355km/h.Confirmed reports now shows that the new successor of the all-electric hypercar by Rimac will be even powerful than the the one hugely featured in The Grand Tour spectacle shortly before it goes in flames in Switzerland Hill Climb drama!
Another thing we didn't know until sometime today was that these (the Lamborghini Aventador S and Honda NSX in the Grand Tour show) were not only the supercars of our time to have been literary spanked by Rimac Concept One electric hypercar. We have learnt that Porsche 918 could not break it (Rimac Concept One)on a straight line drag-racing.

The electric powertrain that developed the Grand Tour Spectacle car,the Rimac Concept One,will find its way into a another successor! The new hypercar will be even more powerful and according to Monika Mikac, the Croatian firm’s chief operating officer,''a true game changer!"

According to information from the Croatian electric powertrain and automaker,the new successor to Rimac Concept One will be launched in the 2018 Geneva Auto Show in March! Making them now official members of our list of automakers looking to create electric supercars by 2020. Stay tuned for that!

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