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This is how you build a wheelie car! Al Anabi Baja Nissan Patrol is the most rowdy car you will spot today!

Al Anabi Baja Nissan Patrol - Wheelie car! 

You probably have watched this Nissan Baja Patrol car fly over some sand dunes in a dessert. What you probably didn't know is that Joe Fab's newest build took over 1 year to build and over 2 months to ship into the US Customs since the body builds are illegal here.

This car is what every Arabic kid 16yr old and every adult have.They are gonna loose their minds to see this thing - Joe Fab builder of a Baja Nissan Patrol!

Blake Wilkey test drives Joe Fab's newest build of a Nissan Patrol. Built for exciting sand drag in Qatar. This video was Filmed and edited by HEED PROJECTS. Follow @heedprojects on Instagram!

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