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New GT-R World Record - 6.85@341.33km/h Alphalogic Panda GT-R!

Rob Harper had one goal in 2018 , and he smashed it really quick! When we said Bahrain Int'l Circuit - Drag Strip was a wonderland, this is not what we had in mind - a GT-R world record pass by Alpha Logic Performance!

Well we have witnessed Rob climb close to the GTR world record like twice, but never seen him with the new set up they got on that Al Baker owned GTR Panda producing now 28000+ hp.

GT-R World Record
Rob Harper at Qatar Racing Club with Al Baker GTR
When I said “2800+ should make things interesting” this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind...-Rob Harper

We hoped that the GTR record being held by Gidi as of today would go down quick in Bahrain but It came rather quick enough at his 3rd full pass at the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship that has seen a number of records fall off the score board. You all should be turning heads to the BDRC!

Alphalogic GTR Panda World Record GTR
GT-R World Record Pass - Slip
This is the same GTR that just ran first 6.9s run last week with a faulty parachute launcher that made things interesting at the near end of the track. To add salt to your injuries, Rob Harper  also has the standing half mile record of 399km/h at Qatar Mile Event!Next time that name is mentioned, y'all know for sure a record is in the making!

Ekanoo Extreme stock chassis GT86 snapped a world record, Kuwaiti, Duaij Al Sabah, Pro Mod car destroyed the 1/8th mile world record twice and another Ekanoo involved ES7XX Porsche 997.2 PDK Turbo climbed on top of world record passes!

Things will be turning a little ugly for haters of this championship!Ekanoo just recalled the Godzilla GTR that the team retired, off retirement on a good day you will say!

Guess what? It’s alive!! We have decided to wake the Godzilla up and run it later on tonight during BDRC’s testing session, we will bring back Godzilla from retirement for a couple of runs only and test a couple of new updates!Stay tuned for tonight’s results -Ekanoo Racing Via Instagram!

Ekanoo recalled the Godzilla GTR out of retirement early today. They will be unleashing it today at the Bahrain Event! And also their Lexus PRO RCF Pro Mod car is one to look at. That thing is a land speed rocket launcher!

Stay tuned! You have to bookmark this page!

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