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2018 Drift GP Championship CANCELLED! Here is Why

The 2018 Drift GP Championship has been cancelled according to co firmed sources at the top management level that has confirmed this over an official Facebook post that read;

''It is with regret that we are announcing the cancellation of the 2018 Drift GP Championship. It has been a tough decision for all involved but for the benefit and future of the drivers and teams, it is no longer sustainable to put on these events, and maintain the high level of production necessary.

In a market oversubscribed with events, the current financial climate has reduced sponsorship, hosting opportunities and available circuits, particularly within Europe - however, we will continue running select exhibition events with key partners, on an international basis.

From 2011 till 2018 the Series has received a number of huge accolades, from launching as a professional Series into Europe in 2011, to being one of the fastest growing International Motorsport Series, as well as one of the most followed across the world - with record viewership, attendance figures, TV shows and some of the biggest produced events across 20 countries.

We will remain in the industry with select core media projects, but for now its time to wish the best for the current teams and their plans for this season, and thank all those who've been involved throughout the history of the Series.''

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