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First Drag Race Comes to Lebanon

Plan has been underway to have the first ever drag race event in Lebanon for the last 6 months which is going to be the most intensive competition of the quickest and fastest dar cars in the Lebanon on 29th September ,2018 at Rayak Air Base from 9am.

Drag race is one of the most popular car racing events in the world attracting street racers, car race clubs, car enthusiastic, media and general communities. In the past Red Bull Car Park Drift, has successfully organized intensive drift battles with no organization willing to put up a drag race event till now. The objective is to create an annual event where youngster, adults, car lovers and adrenaline junkies meet.

The Drag Race Lebanon features intense competition in 5 diverse classes including Four Wheel modified,2 Wheel modified, Naturally aspirated, Super Cars and Extreme Cars. The gate entry for public is at USD10 for the general public and USD100 for VIP.

Drag race lebanon*: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN till Monday 24/9/2018

How to do it ?

1 - fill the online registration form : https://form.jotform.me/81734878652470
2 - Do an Electro-cardiogram at any hospital or laboratory
3 - take the ECG and head for the routine doctor check, call for a RDV 09934830
4 - bring : * Approval to register given by doctor (you have till Wednesday 26th September)
* photocopy driver ID (both sides)
* photocopy mechanic ID (both sides), maximum of 2
* photocopy driver's license
* photocopy service car registration (daftar el siyyara)

5 - sign the waiver of responsability and license at ATCL, contact 09640567

6 - pay the registration and license fees at ATCL.

7 - Attend the Prescrutineering at Zahle Karting Saturday 22nd between 10h and 13h (mandatory for NA, Motified, and Extreme classes)

For more information Visit http://www.dragracelebanon.com/

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