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How exactly do you get a 4×4 on two wheels without the use of a ramp?

Season opener is coming to Qatar Racing Club in November just few days to winter and we hit it right on with the biggest drag racing season in the entire region.Qatar Racing Club will be playing host to a number of open track days and track preps for the season premier.
get a 4×4 on two wheels without the use of a ramp - photo by Kings Edwin

Lucky us we were in the industrial circuit for the opener of its yet another busy racing season with the 4x4 Freestyle Drifting and stunt drive show. Meticulous. 

Freestyle Drifting in Qatar is one of the traditional motorsports in the middle east and to our surprise is more popular than the regional drag race. With the pro salon drifting competition in the schedule,4X4 drifting plays as curtain raiser to the busy racing schedule. But it’s not just drifting that draws the crowds, there’s a host of non-traditional (by international standards) motorsports which are practiced here too. One of the most popular and fiercely competitive divisions is two-wheel driving.
Freestyle Drift - photo by Kings Edwin

Competitors must get their vehicles on two wheels without outside assistance and complete a complex and technical course as laid out by the judges. How exactly do you get a 4×4 on two wheels without the use of a ramp? It generally involves lots of speed and either a Scandinavian flick or an extremely sharp turn-in. Once up on two wheels, the driver and three passengers play a role in keeping the vehicle balanced along with soft sand tyres and a locked rear differential.

The other big attraction was Freestyle Drift. I’ve absolutely no idea how this is judged, but it’s essentially who can kill their tyres in the most creative and aggressive way possible. Burnouts, donuts, drifts, 360s, J-turns are all a part of this puzzle.
big attraction was Freestyle Drift - photo by Kings Edwin

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