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Nissan GT-R Driver Dead After 200-MPH Crash at Questionable Runway Race!

We have learnt the tragic passing of street race legend Jeff Hagaman who at his passing was 52yrs. We have learnt also that at the time of his fatal crash that he was going over 200mph in his heavily modified 2000HP Nissan GT-R at a 1/2 mile racing event in Nola Motorsport Park.
Jeff Hagaman - 2000HP Nissan GTR - 1320 Video File Photo
A questionable event!
Many racers and motor enthusiast were quick to throw a blame or two at the organizers in regards to the track's standard safety.A social media post by one Brandon Hentges alleges that the GT-R was a highly-modified, 2,000-horsepower vehicle.

Hentges attributes bumpy track surface for Hagaman's alleged loss of control. He states that he also forfeited his prepaid opportunity at a top speed run out of concern for his own safety.Spectators at the event's prep for Wanagofast in the weekend said the car flipped multiple times before it came to a stop at 9:21 a.m. 
The driver was operating the lone vehicle on the track when the crash occurred. The vehicle was traveling at over 200 mph and went out of control before the crash, Sheriff's Office spokesman Glen Boyd said.

Medical personnel on the scene for the event responded after the crash, according to a statement.

"NOLA Motorsports Park offers its deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of the driver. They will be in our thoughts and prayers," read the statement.

While many racers on social media have been criticizing the safety measures by the event's organisers, Kyle Loftis of 1320 Video sent a tribute to the fallen street racer and condole with the family. He described him as an entertainer with a unique care free attitude that didn't always make sense. He is a street car racing legend!
It's been a rough day in "our world" - I've been trying to process the roller coaster of emotions today after hearing of the loss of our friend Jeff Hagaman - Jeff was different than all the others we film at events, Jeff was an entertainer, Jeff had a unique care free attitude that didn't always make sense, Jeff is a street car racing legend. The face you see in these photos is a face that's been popping up in my head all day, remembering that smirk on his face as he pulled into a car show in his 1700hp CTSV, or after he made a super sketchy pass (but it was no big deal), or after he won 3 classes at SCT and broke the CTSV record... Jeff lived to race, and he was in heaven even before today because of the people he enjoyed racing with and helped him make his racing possible.

I urge everyone that knew Jeff to help us all remember him for the awesome man he was and post any memories or photos of Jeff enjoying what he lived for in the comments. I also urge you to hold off on pointing the finger of blame with what happened until the facts are uncovered, so we can remember Jeff and not turn this horrible loss into a negative snowball of stress for his friends & family. I'm confident this will lead to some big changes in 1/2 mile event safety, and I look forward to hearing the positive change that comes from this accident.
Race in Peace buddy.
Wow they let people race on this??!!
Another racer from Qatar, Ahmed Malik was quick to air his frustrations at what many event's organizers do to fix quick unprepared races not fit for safe racing competition.

Ahmed Malik 18 hrs ·

I rarely ever post stuff like this but man this shit pissed me off... RIP GTR driver at the wannagofast event.
EDIT: his name Jeff Hagaman, Really sad to hear this.
The pics I saw at the runway is BAD. I dont know if those organizers are racers or have any concern about safety but there is no way in Hell I would make an event at that track!!! Nowadays people are more concern about making money and be famous on FB or whatever other social media outlet and have zero interest in the sport and racers.

I hope I am wrong and the track is not really as bad as the pics make it look like (which I doubt) but if it is true, I would not spend a penny with that organization or support them in anyway or anyone affiliated with it and made the call to make that event. We know cars run easily over 200mph and now 230-240 is not hard to achieve. What were you thinking!!!!!!Sorry guys I dont even know who the driver is but I hope his family pull through. This just made me really really angry.......

Ellen Eschenbacher
16 hrsThoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Jeff Hagaman. Jeff passed in a top end crash at Wanna Go Fast in New Orleans somewhere in the 200+mph range. I didn't know Jeff but can see how big a part of the racing community he is by the outpouring of messages. 
If everyone can just yank those belts a little extra tight today. WAY too many bad things this weekend. 
Mike Bowman, Joe Newsham, Stephan Stringer and Adam Smith are all ok.
WE would like to wish the family of the deceased driver peace during this time. We would also like to remind the public that despite continuous advancements in motorsport safety, racing is still dangerous, and you can lose your life at any time without warning. Use as many safety precautions as possible when driving fast, such as helmets and roll cages to mitigate chances of injury if something goes wrong

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