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Qatar Racing Club Announced Season 2018/2019 Events.

Under the patronage of H.E Sheikh Khlaid Bin Hamad Al Thani and the Ministry of Culture and Sports,Qatar Racing Club has announced its official 2018-2019 racing season and events. The 7 month events calendar has 9 race events distributed evenly through to April 2019!
Al Anabi Speedtech Canmaro at past ADRL event
Al Anabi Speedtech Canmaro at past ADRL event
The Arabian Drag Racing League (ADRL), being the biggest events of the season will return at the club's magnificent facility in the industrial area of Doha for 6 rounds starting from January to February 2019.

ADRL is one of the most prestigious drag racing in the world attracting champions from the States,Europe,Asia and the Gulf(Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain,UAE and KSA).
Here is a teaser video of ADRL in action

In the past they have raced Pro Mod cars,Outlaw 10.5, Index 4.5, Superstreet V8,V6 and 4cyl,Al Anabi Dragster,Pro Bike and Street  Bikes and this year the categories will be announced by the event's organizers.

Over the past,Al Anabi Racing has dominated this(ADRL) championship making several world record E.T and speed at the facility known as the flattest 1/8th mile drag track in the world! For the 10th year now, the Qatar Racing Club will have one of its busiest race event and we are here to follow up all the races.
  • ADRL Schedule
Round 1 - 10th  & 11th Jan 2019
Round 2 - 17th  & 18th Jan 2019
Round 3 - 24th  &  25th Jan 2019
Round 4 - 7th  & 8th Feb 2019
Round 5 - 14th & 15th Feb 2019
Round 6 - 21st  & 22nd Feb 2019

These dates are usually subject to changes because of weather interference.We suggest you get timely updates and events announcement via the official social media accounts for Qatar Racing Club.
  • Other Race Events on the calendar
Qatar Drift Championship in its 5yr anniversary at the facility will be another exciting one to attend. This season Qatar Racing Club will have a total of 5 rounds running within the entire season with the first round on 25th and 26th October 2018. Perhaps one of the most exciting thanks to the skid pad at the facility that enables them to customize the lay out.
  • DRIFT Schedule
Qatar Drift Championship is the pioneer of tandem drifting in the region and has attracted Europe and the gulf. The past events,Qatar Racing Club has partnered with Formula Drift team to enable local drivers have the fill of formula drift racing arena!

ROUND 1 - 25th 26th Oct 2018
ROUND 2 - 15th 16th Nov 2018
ROUND 3 - 27th 18th Dec 2018
ROUND 4 - 14th 15th Mar 2019
ROUND 5 - 11th 12th Apr 2019

Qatar Sand Drag Competition was the highlight of the season. Traditionally this event used to take place in the sealine desert but the last year it was moved to the Qatar Racing Facility making it a one stop motorsport destination in the region.

Here is the calendar for the season 2018 and 2019 in details plus all other races. Note these dates are subject to changes and are always announced in time for the race.
Qatar Racing Club  2018/2019 Events
Qatar Racing Club  2018/2019 Events


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