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Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals Return to Beirut,Lebanon!

Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals
Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals
Lebanon hosted the first ever Red Bull Car Park Drift event in 2008, making it possible for all underground drifters to put their skills to test. Now in 2018, the event has returned for the finals, to test who will become the next drifting legend.


The Car Park Drift Finale will feature dynamic stages that will test the competitors’ abilities to adjust and adapt while under pressure. Let’s not forget that it’s all about earning the highest number of points from the judges, so snoozing means losing for any of the drifters!

With 17 finalists grinding their wheels and gears for the title in Beirut this weekend.

The Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals will be held in Beirut, at the Martyr’s Square parking on Sunday September 23. Tune in to the live broadcast on Red Bull TV or the Red Bull Motorsports page on Facebook!

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