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Bronco steals attention at Qatar Motor Show 2018

Doing my frequent walk around Al Anabi Performance i spotted this 1995 Ford Bronco. Probably was just sitting here after a long route to Qatar.  At the time was not sure it was headed to Qatar Motor Show. The buzz was out there.

Got lucky again spotting it at the 5 days Qatar Custom Show where Al Anabi were exhibiting along other teams in custom show by Mawater.  The bronco was a spectacle to see along with the extreme baja Nissan Patrol wheelie car.

Not sure if what was sitting is the same that made it into the Top 12 for SEMA’s Battle of the Builders competition which was great to see as it is mainly made up of classics.

May look like under the hood of a hot rod, but this is one mean desert machine so will be interesting to see what Al Anabi Racing are going to do with it as winter nears.
Nissan Patrol Wheelie Car

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