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Extreme Custom builds at Qatar Motor Show 2018!!

My 2nd Qatar Motor Show just happened and you know what, there probably never going to be another day to show you what you missed while you all were trying to stay safe from the Doha storm. Rain is a blessing...but cars is a lifestyle.
Type 2 Godzilla Qatar Motor Show
Nissan GTR Liberty Walk Type 2 Godzilla Qatar Motor Show

With little use of a google map, how quickly can u place Doha Exhibition Center on a map. Damn right. Easy. Its right in the city center hugged by famous Mariott Hotel to the left. Its quite easy to navigate to the place.

So i quickly grabbed my cameras and hit the flooded streets of Doha to Qatar Motor Show 2018 which ofcos was closing on this very last day. So a miss would never be in my mind.
Doha Floods
it rained on the last day of Qatar Motor Show

As a galant JDM fanboy, would be a lie to say i would not pass by the custom cars exhibition by Mawater. I have never seen such a huge horsepowers gathering at one event.

It was either a low key Toyota Supra or GT86 with protruding turbos on their hoods beckoning your attention! Left right. These streets have some of the most evil Supras on earth.
most evil Supras on earth.
most evil Supras on earth.

To welcome you by the entrance of Doha Exhibition And Conference Center is the long lost lemon, the JUN GTR that KH franchised from Tokyo Auto Salon in 2013 when it vanished from the earths surface.Not sure how i never had a shot at it...but Alaa Taraweh did and its a beauty sitting on lemonade.
JUN GTR that KH franchised from Tokyo Auto Salon
JUN GTR that KH franchised from Tokyo Auto Salon

To her right was another AAP outlaw 10.5 world record holder Corvette V6 sitting on his throne. I immediately start to wet my obnoxious appetite. Mawater really knows how to throw a party. These are not cars you get to see in lifetime.

Far left if wasn't the Al Anabi guys showing off the Ford Bronco and their fully fibre glass knit Baja Nissan Patrol by Joe Fab,it was the MK Racing team with their brutal and bulky 800+HP HGK F22 Eurofighter BMW M2 trying to bully your thirst.
Baja Nissan Patrol by Joe Fab AT qatar motor show
fibre glass knit Baja Nissan Patrol by Joe Fab

Beautifully displayed was these two legendary JDM machines.


Pegasus Qatar brought the type 2 Nissan GTR Liberty Walk Godzilla to the storm(in honesty i hadn't even imagined there was a version 2 out already). This mind you is the only copy in the entire middle east.
qatar motor show godzilla
type 2 Nissan GTR Liberty Walk Godzilla

Now if you know where world's most confiscated luxury cars reside, it would either be Dubai,Qatar or Kuwait and perhaps the Bahrain.

So to have a car that is not in these streets already would be a near miss.

It was laid bear on my face. The feeling could only be equated to an invitation to Need For Speed Racing that nobody ever knows where the race is done. Magnificent. To her side was the purple Godzilla. Another one of a type in Qatar. You clearly would get an impression that in Qatar,GTR is King!

If this wasn't heaven then there could never be a 'hell'. In all my wildest thoughts i never new i would ever find myself in a room like this. Littered all over by motor and high performance capabilities.

Qatar has displayed for 5 days that the locals here have wholesomely embraced the culture of car modification and builds. It is no longer fancy to drive a boring car.They have taken these cars to the extreme.

In the recent past Talmusa would be the only one championing car modifications at various platforms with his collectibles. Now every other Qatari kid is either quietly building a project car or thinking of buying an already heavily modified beast.

Talking of project cars, as i picked my way around the bustling room filled with cars and more cars, i bumped into Abdulaziz freshly from completing his project car. A Toyota GT8 that has in her now a 700+HP swapped 2JZ with a single Precision Turbo Engine. And yes running Motec in its electronic. 

They housed her in wide body kit from Rocket bunny V1 by Greddy shaft by drive shaft shop and fixed her with a Tein Flex suspension. Then she could beautifully walk in a Kozmoz rims 18”!

''It was a long journey with a lot of challenges and thoughts that spent around my GT86, to bring them to the reality.''Explains Abdulaziz.'' Finally this perfect shape with excellent and a lot of modifications came true!''

I have met people and cars. I still can't imagine a life without the latter.

Overall i left the without going to the other exhibition hall. Custom display by Mawater was the climax of the Qatar Motor Show.

BONUS PHOTOS These Photos are Copyrights of Kings Edwin. Do not use without permision

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