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MK Racing wins Qatar Drift Round 1,Al Massri is back and Jassim Al Jaber grabs semi pro podium!

Qatar Racing Club successfully organized the first round of the 5 rounds of intensive drifting this season. Attended by hundreds of fans and followed live by over 30k followers, drivers thrilled and conquered the industrial circuit!
MK Racing HGK BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter at Qatar Drift
''The best thing in this racing is the organization with the organizers and the rules in this championship. It is only comparable to formula drift or any international drift series out there.''Stated Khaiat.''The challenge is strong and Al Massri was equally a good challenger. Would recommend other drivers to come back and make it a Qatar thing!''
Qatar Drift Championship Round 1 Pro Podium
Qatar Drift Championship Round 1 Pro Podium
It was Mohamed Al Khait in his brutal HGK built BMW M2 f22 eurofighter who took the pro category podium after he outrun Mohamed Al Masri BMW at the finals who equally looked strong to win it.
''I was nervous before because i see strong challengers like Khaiat but am happy for position 2.''Contented Al Massri.''I thank the new management for organizing this championship. The challenge was strong and very well attended!''

At the Pro Category position 3 was Al Fakhroo whose Nissan Silvia was not ready for the round 1 championship, he shared a ride with Al Maari and brought the heat on.
''My car is not ready but will driver with Al Marri his Nissan Z.''Stated Al Fakhroo.''I am not sure if this car is good for the pro or not but lets figure it out.''
Al Marri his Nissan Z
Al Marri his Nissan Z
Fakhroo Nissan S14 has been under going serious modifications at the V2 Performance and will be out this Thursday to check it out at the Drift Track Day Event in Qatar Racing Club.

Nissan 350z
Jassim Al Jaber que for Qatar Drift Championship Round 1
At the Semi Pro Jassim Al Jaber shine with his powerful Nissan 350 to sweep the class.

Round 2 of Qatar Drift Championship will be happening at Qatar Racing Club this 15th and 16th November 2018 from 5pm onwards on both days. We will be here to cover it.

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