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1000+hp twin turbo buggy CRASH in Sealine,Qatar!

Qatari drag racer, Mahana Al Naemi was having trouble with his 1000+hp twin turbo buggy on the opening  day of Sealine Sand Drag Competition Round 2, and to his surprise, after pushing through some huge lift off was unable to bring the wheelie twin turbo car to a stop.
1000+hp twin turbo buggy
1000+hp twin turbo buggy moment before crash
He jumped over the barriers before rolling  over to a stop. Unfortunately, Mahana chose not to pull pull over quick enough.  Driving over some barriers and into the near by fence and thrashing on this CBM motor  twin turbo’d beast of a buggy.
 Probably didn’t help in split second decisions down the sand drag strip. 

Thanks God he walked out of the crash un hurt with his own power!

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