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Porsche takes a flight! HUGE LIFT OFF!

2013 Porsche Turbo S is a rare find and build which till today is still highly ranked in performance should you choose the right parts and modification.911 Turbo S is characterised by extraordinary engine power and surprisingly low consumption on fuel!
Porsche 911 Turbo S takes flight! 
Last weekend this black low key looking Porsche Turbo S took a flight to run a slithering 9.6s in 1/4 mile!
''Do it yourself. These cars gets the care of my upgrade so no one will be responsible about any wrong parts installation except me!'' Flaunts Hamad after winning at National Street Drag Round 3 in Qatar Racing Club!
The power with which it launched would make you want a wheelie bar on that beast. We were surprised when the board read a 9.6s probably we haven't seen a Porsche go so quick. Hamad is the owner of these two similar looking Porsche.
Also owning another GT3RS that he drove to a 10.8s in 1/4mile. Suprised the car is still stock and its power plant is already hurting balls.

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