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If someone told you Qatar Racing Club in the East Industrial area ever have supercars meet events, would you believe them? Regardless of what you believe, what you hear, the answer is yes, you should!

Always a Porsche no matter how u want to flip it!

Doha, Qatar is home of most luxurious and supercar breeds to ever breath on our streets. Lambos Ferrari to the track King Porsche, name any supercar high dollar end car, somehow it is in Qatar! Or better still on its way here! Being one of the world's rich nations, spotting supercars in the luxurious Pearl and other ritzy places in Doha would never be so hard!
Lamborghini Hurricane announcing her presence at Qatar Racing Club
But, do these drivers ever drive to the east with these hypercars and monstrous toys? The answer is Yes! With the new road connecting the Doha with the East Industrial area, it's so easy to have these cars meet at Qatar Racing which is a One Stop Motorsport Destination in Qatar situated in the east industrial area!
Jed Watt grabbing shots at the car meet
It's midweek and I learn from Jed Watt about a supercars meet that is going down at Qatar Racing Club! After seconds months of searching and following groups on Instagram, a miracle happened: I found out about a car meet page run by @qatarsupercars in Doha. Probably Doha's first ever supercar meet page event of this kind.

Off to Qatar Racing Club, I had no idea what to expect being a sudden announcement! The weather didn't look promising enough! But after it rained and the track was wet with cars all covered in raindrops, the story changed!
Spotting a high million dollar car overlooking a puddle water
Imagine spotting a high million dollar car overlooking a puddle water begging for our attention!
so after the responsibility pep talk, engines were started, and revved, of course, as the cars warmed up. Drift track was wet after the rains. 
cars all covered in raindrops
 The supercars went straight into the drift track to shake hands with the devil itself. For the first time in my life got to see a Lamborghini Aventador SV go to the sideways and kiss the walls! 
Drifting Lamborghini Aventador SV
Word is, next month there will be another show and it’ll likely be even more packed than this one as the weather improves.
I’m sure I’ll be back too. After all, who can say no to Cars and Coffee?

Here are the bonus photo at the event! Follow on Instagram at www.instagram.com/kingsedwin_ for more coverage of supercars events in Qatar Racing Club!

Special thanks to Leyoufilms and Jedd Watt for all the suppot at the shoot

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