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Al Anabi Porsche 991 TurboS PDK NEW WORLD RECORD!

Porsche 991 TurboS PDK 8.43@169.5mph New World Record just happened in Qatar in the heat of summer in Doha! 
They turned around and backed it up with another stellar run going 8.45@170.15mph driven and tuned by Al Anabi's Mike Tokso.
Porsche 991 TurboS PDK 8.43@169.5MPH
  • What it has!
It is a 3.8l stock ECU stock chassis full weight and full stock interior!
''When know-how meets accomplishment. Here in AAP-Al Anabi Performance, we get the job done. Full build in house, full custom ECU-PDK TCU software development, engine build. The same day, the same event, backing up time and speed, car in one piece!''Mike Tokso said after the run!

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