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To continue with the work we have been doing, we hereby invite everyone from all walks of life to Advertise on this website.

We offer varied ways of advertising; from product promotions,events coverage write ups,filming and photography. Products launch and social media management. We will power your brand!

We also wish to operate within the reach of auto-world corporate factions and would be open to run adverts that will reach their unique audience most of whom reads this blog. In essence, we target you who see’s value in our work to advertise with us.

This is what we offer How To Advertise on Race It Blog!Contact us for a quote!

There are many options available Banner Ads We have 5 banner ads slots of the standard sizes.

  •  –Top Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px) 
  •  – Sidebar (300 x 600 px) 
  •  – After content (300 x 250) or (336 x 280 px) 
  •  – Bottom Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px) 

If you are interested,Use The CONTACT FORM HERE or  Email relaynet.kenya@gmail.com You are advised to send an email for an instant response for any query.
 Thank you for your support

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